VERSUS n. 26-27 (maggio-dicembre 1980)

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Speech Acts Theory: Ten Years Later

a cura di Alessandro Ferrara, Julian Boyd


di Alessandro Ferrara

pp. 3-16

An Interview

di John R. Searle

pp. 17-27

How to Look as if You Aren't Doing Anything with Words. Speech Act Qualification

di Robin Lakoff

pp. 29-47

The Semantics and Pragmatics of Functional Coherence in Discourse

di Teun A. van Dijk

pp. 49-65

The Reformulated Theory of Speech Acts. Toward a Theory of Language Use

di Sige-Yuki Kuroda

pp. 67-79

From Conversation to Syntax

di Susan M. Ervin-Tripp

pp. 81-100

The Sociolinguistic Basis of Speech Act

di John J. Gumperz

pp. 101-121

Il grimaldello e le chiavi

di Paolo Fabbri, Marina Sbisà

pp. 173-189