VERSUS n. 83-84 (gennaio 1999)

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Reconfiguring Cultural Semiotics

a cura di Fabio Rambelli, Patrizia Violi

Isbn: 88-452-4384-2

Introduction: Semiotics and Japan

di Fabio Rambelli, Patrizia Violi

pp. 3-13

The Empire and the Signs: Semiotics, Cultural Identity and Ideology in Japanese History

di Fabio Rambelli

pp. 15-40

Dākinī et L'Empereur. Mystiqye bouddhique de la royauté dans le Japon médiéval

di Iyanaga Nobumi

pp. 41-111


Illuminating the Illuminator: Notes on a Votive Transcription of the "Supreme Scripture of the Golden Light (Konkōmyō saishō ōkyō)"

di Mimi Hall Yiengpruksawan

pp. 113-120


A Circle and a Square: Performance and Setting in "Bugaku"

di Toshirō Kido

pp. 121-131

Nature and Culture in the "Fudoki"

di Yamaguchi Masao

pp. 133-143

Merveilleuse halieutique baleinière japonaise d'antan!

di Nakazawa Shinichi

pp. 145-164

Japanese and Mexicans in Holliwood Eyes: Race, Gender and Power among Cultures

di Ochiai Kazuyasu

pp. 165-178

Youth, Crisis and Display: the Rethoric of "Shinjiunrui" in the Contemporary Japan

di Alessandro Gomarasca

pp. 179-213


Japan's Missing Alternative: "Weak Thought" and the Hermeneutics of Slimness

di Michael F. Marra

pp. 215-241

A Semiotics of Non-Ordinary Experience. The Case of Japanese Culture.

di Patrizia Violi

pp. 243-280

Pietro Perconti, Kantian linguistics. Theories of mental representation and the linguistic tranformation of kantism, Münster, Nodus Publikationen, 1999, pagg.170

di Maurizio Gagliano, Patrizia Violi

pp. 281-284