VERSUS n. 128 (january-june 2019)

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Forme di vita, forme del corpo / Forms of Life, Forms of the Body: Case Studies

edited by Gianfranco Marrone, Francesco Mazzucchelli

Isbn: 88-452-15-28309-2

Forme di vita / forme del corpo: studi di caso. Introduzione

by Gianfranco Marrone, Francesco Mazzucchelli

pp. 3-8

Des conflits de formes de vie chez Idrissa Ouédraogo. Des passions du corps comme médiation et transgression

by Jacques Fontanille

pp. 9-36


De la forme du corps à la forme de vie. Une étude ethnosémiotique du Karatedo

by Jean-Louis Brun

pp. 37-54


Bambini anormali. Forme di vita e forme del corpo nel caso del fascismo italiano

by Pierluigi Cervelli

pp. 55-72


This Is Not Vivian. The Photographer as a Form of Life

by Dario Mangano

pp. 73-94


Cucina e "material engagement". Variazioni di una cultura materiale

by Maria Pia Pozzato

pp. 95-116


Dietary Conversions and Forms of Life

by Ilaria Ventura Bordenca

pp. 117-136


First Person Implicit Indirect Reports (or Indirect Reports in Disguise)

by Alessandro Capone

pp. 137-156


The Threshold of Representations. Integrating Semiotics and the Cognitive Sciences

by Marta Caravà

pp. 157-174