VERSUS n. 55-56 (january-august 1990)

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Peirceana Two

edited by Massimo A. Bonfantini, Christian J. W. Kloesel

Scattered Remarks on Peirce and Italy

by Christian J. W. Kloesel

pp. 3-12

Several Questions to Experts in Peirce's Theory of Signs

by Jerzy Pelc

pp. 13-28

Peirce dans l'histoire de la pensée: la philosophie américaine et la nouvelle philosophie universelle

by Gérard Deledalle

pp. 29-40

Sur la distinction signe/representamen chez Peirce

by Michel Balat

pp. 41-77

L'esempio come figura argomentativa in Peirce

by Paola D'Angelo, Roberta Mazzola

pp. 79-106

Capacità analitica e iconismo nel sistema dei grafi esistenziali

by Maurizio Cappi

pp. 107-120

Peirce's and Morris's Categories in a Theory of Ideology

by Augusto Ponzio

pp. 121-132

Semiosis of Projectual Invention

by Massimo A. Bonfantini

pp. 133-142

Caso, amore e logica. Osservazioni su due puzzle di Peirce e di Wittgenstein

by Salvatore Veca

pp. 143-152

Reeling in the Signs: Unlimited Semiosis and the Agenda of Literary Semiotics

by Scott Simpkins

pp. 153-173

Peirce in Italia: cronaca di un convegno

by Mauro Ferraresi

pp. 175-178