VERSUS n. 44-45 (may-january 1986)

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Meaning and Mental Representations

edited by Umberto Eco, Marco Santambrogio, Patrizia Violi


by Marco Santambrogio, Patrizia Violi

pp. 3-22

On the Circumstantial Relation between Meaning and Content

by Jon Barwise

pp. 23-39

On Truth. A Fiction

by Umberto Eco

pp. 41-59

Quantification, Roles and Domains

by Gilles Fauconnier

pp. 61-80

Conceptual Semantics

by Ray Jackendoff

pp. 81-97

How is Meaning Mentally Represented?

by Philip N. Johnson-Laird

pp. 99-118

Cognitive Semantics

by George Lakoff

pp. 119-154

The Analysis of Nominal Compounds

by Wendy G. Lehrner

pp. 155-179

Knowledge Representation in People and Machines

by Roger Schank, Alex Kass

pp. 181-200

Identity in Intensional Logic: Subjective Semantics

by Bas van Fraassen

pp. 201-219

Reference and its Role in Computational Models of Mental Representations

by Yorick Wilks

pp. 221-237