VERSUS n. 57 (september-december 1990)

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Thinking as Passion

by Peter Bornedal

pp. 3-9

I sensi, lo spazio, gli umori. Micro-analisi di 'In the Orchard' di Virginia Woolf

by Sandra Cavicchioli

pp. 11-27

Textually Interesting Aspects of Agatha Christie's 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd'

by Sara Gesuato

pp. 29-56

Bakespeare. Paradoxical Operations on the Concept of Author

by Giulio Blasi

pp. 57-94

Tipologia biblica e autoermeneutica: la linea e il circolo

by Andrea Bernardelli

pp. 95-115

Husserl's Semiotics: from Psychology to Phenomenology of Signs

by Giovanna Cosenza

pp. 117-133

Du bois

by Per Aage Brandt

pp. 135-138