Antonio Perri

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Published articles:

Alternative Patterning: Mutually Inclusive Signsets in Literary Texts

by Antonio Perri

in Versus n. 24, Miscellanea, pp. 83-106

Le medium et le message. Une approche sémiotique et anthropologique à l'étude des systèmes d'écriture

by Antonio Perri

in Versus n. 72, Semiotics and the Effect-of-Media-Change Research Programmes, pp. 107-128

Phenomenological dream. Allucinazione semiotica e manipolazione digitale / Phenomenological Dream. Semiotic Hallucination and Digital Manipulation

by Riccardo Finocchi, Antonio Perri

in Versus n. 120, Peirceana three. Sull’iconismo / On Iconism, pp. 61-78