VERSUS n. 112-113 (gennaio-dicembre 2011)

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The External Mind. Perspectives on Semiosis, Distribution and Situation in Cognition

a cura di Riccardo Fusaroli, Tommaso Granelli, Claudio Paolucci

Isbn: NA Issn: 0393-8255

 presentazione del volume

The External Mind: an Introduction

di Riccardo Fusaroli, Claudio Paolucci

pp. 3-31

The sign of the Hand: Symbolic Practices and the Extended Mind

di Massimiliano Cappuccio, Michael Wheeler

pp. 33-55

The Overextended Mind

di Shaun Gallagher

pp. 57-68

The "External Mind": Semiotics, Pragmatism, Extended Mind and Distributed Cognition

di Claudio Paolucci

pp. 69-96

The Social Horizon of Embodied Language and Material Symbols

di Riccardo Fusaroli

pp. 97-123

Semiotics and Theories of Situated/Distributed Action and Cognition: a Dialogue and Many Intersections

di Tommaso Granelli

pp. 125-167

Building Action in Public Environments with Diverse Semiotic Resources

di Charles Goodwin

pp. 169-182

How Marking in Dance Constitutes Thinking with the Body

di David Kirsh

pp. 183-214

Ambiguous Coordination: Collaboration in Informal Science Education Research

di Ivan Rosero, Robert Lecusay, Michael Cole

pp. 215-240

Lorenzo Magnani, Abductive Cognition

di Riccardo Fusaroli

pp. 241-242

Recensione a The Information content of Visual Process

di Claudio Paolucci

pp. 242-245