VERSUS n. 132 (january-june 2021)

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La psicosemiotica: una disciplina di confine / Psychosemiotics. A boundary discipline

edited by Ivan Darrault-Harris, Patrizia Violi

Isbn: 978-88-15-29812-6

Per Jorge Lozano, in memoriam

pp. 1-2

La psicosemiotica: una disciplina di confine

by Ivan Darrault-Harris, Patrizia Violi

pp. 5-18

Acquiring Language or Learning to Speak

by Golse Bernard

pp. 19-36


Le corps, cet ennemi intime. La disjonction thymique

by Ralitza Boneva

pp. 37-54


Abord sémiotique des effets de vérité de l’image dans les rêves post attentats terroristes Du déni au sujet épistémique

by Avner Perez

pp. 55-74


Pertinence des prégnances

by Benoit Virole

pp. 75-86


Pre-Linguistic Communication and Narratives in Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder

by Paola Pennisi

pp. 87-103


Medical Prescription in Psychiatry for the Elderly

by Thomas Philippe, Gerard Chandes, Cyril Hazif-Thomas

pp. 105-120


Sul margine dell’individualità Greimas a confronto con Canguilhem

by Niccolò Monti

pp. 121-136


Il look del populismo italiano. La comunicazione non verbale di Matteo Salvini

by Giampaolo Proni

pp. 137-152