VERSUS n. 46 (january-april 1987)

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Fakes, Identity and the Real Thing

Fakes and Forgeries

by Umberto Eco

pp. 3-29

On the Identity of the Work of Art

by Luis J. Prieto

pp. 31-41

Is Reality a Fake?

by Daniele Barbieri

pp. 43-57

Probably: a Pragmatic Account

by Marcella Bertuccelli Papi

pp. 59-68

Semiotica del falso e falsificazioni medievali

by Roberto Lambertini

pp. 69-76

Falsi d'arte

by Omar Calabrese

pp. 77-81

The Brain Voyager. Some Observations on the Encyclopedic Models and Brain

by Giampaolo Proni

pp. 83-107

The Semiotics of John Poinsot

by Costantino Marmo

pp. 109-129