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Costantino Marmo, after getting his laurea degree at the University of Bologna in the field of Medieval Philosophy, studies in Copenhagen (Institut du Moyen Age Grec et Latin) and Toronto (Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies).

In 1992, he discussesd his Ph.D. dissertaion on the Modists' philosophy of language, under the direction of Umberto Eco (published in 1994). Since 1998 he is full professor of Semiotics and History of Semiotics at the University of Bologna.

He published various essays on national and international journals and books, mainly in the field of medieval semiotics. He is also interested in general semiotic theory, textual semiotics, advertising and corporate communication.

Published articles:

On Animal Language in the Medieval Classification of Signs

by Umberto Eco, Roberto Lambertini, Costantino Marmo, Andrea Tabarroni

in Versus n. 38-39, Semiotica medievale, pp. 3-38

Guglielmo di Ockham e il significato delle proposizioni

by Costantino Marmo

in Versus n. 38-39, Semiotica medievale, pp. 115-148

A proposito de "Il protagora" 7-8

by Giovanni Manetti, Costantino Marmo, Isabella Pezzini, Alessandro Zinna

in Versus n. 43, Louis Hjelmslev, pp. 141-153

The Semiotics of John Poinsot

by Costantino Marmo

in Versus n. 46, Fakes, Identity and the Real Thing, pp. 109-129

From Analogical Points of View. On the Use of Analogy in Ancient Greek Medical Texts

by Costantino Marmo

in Versus n. 50-51, Signs of Antiquity/Antiquity of Signs, pp. 19-37

I Modisti e l'ordine delle parole: su alcune difficoltà di una grammatica universale

by Costantino Marmo

in Versus n. 61-62-63, Le lingue perfette, pp. 47-70

L'instabile costruzione enunciativa dell'identità aziendale in rete

by Costantino Marmo

in Versus n. 94-95-96, Semiotica dei nuovi media, pp. 135-148

Symbolum, simulacrum, imago, e altri termini collegati, nelle opere di Ugo di San Vittore

by Costantino Marmo

in Versus n. 102, Avventure del simbolo. Icone e simboli tra Antichità  e Medioevo, pp. 139-162

Peirce e la teoria medievale delle relazioni, 1865-1867 / Peirce and the Medieval Theory of Relations, 1865-1867

by Costantino Marmo

in Versus n. 120, Peirceana three. Sull’iconismo / On Iconism, pp. 15-29